Emilie Fournel

Émilie Fournel has been at the top of Canada’s women’s kayak class for several years. She raced K4 500 at the 2008 Beijing Games and competed in the K1 500 and 200 at the London 2012 Olympic Games.


On the 2012 Canadian Olympic Team, she was joined by her brother Hugues who competed in the K2 events. Having a sibling as a teammate made the experience extra special for both Émilie and Hugues. Both paid tribute to their late father and inspiration, Jean Fournel by wearing his vintage singlets under their Canadian uniforms. Jean Fournel raced K4 at the 1976 Olympic Games and passed away after a battle with cancer while Émilie and Hugues were young.


Émilie is well-known for her signature polka-dotted K1. The design is based on the Tour-de-France jersey awarded to the best climber.

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